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Guest Speakers Academics:

Babita Chaudhry Dr. Ajai Prakash
Babita Chowdhary
corporate trainer
Dr.Ajai Prakash
KCA University, Nairobi, corporate trainer
Dr. Ashok kumar
Dr. S.P. Singh
Dr. Ashok kumar
(amity lucknow)
CHIRMAN, RHans college ,lucknow
Mr. Arkaj Mr. Jayanto
Mr.Arkaj Agrawal
iim lucknow
(amity lucknow)
Mr.Jayanto Mukherjee
(senior advisor for corporate)
Mr. R.Ramani Prof. S.K. Mehrotra
Mr. R.Ramani
(Ret.IAS-former chief secetary of up govt.)
iim ahmedabad
Prof. V.V. Singh
Corporate Trainer
Having achieved prominence in their respective field, The Guest speakers gives the student a different insight into the subject with the experience they have gained in the industry/academics. They encourage the students to look beyond the book and explore the subject with experimental learning.

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